The Millennium is an era that the modern world looks back on with nostalgia. Carelessness, courage, and brightness from that time we all want so badly in our modern everyday life. And that is exactly what the Ukrainian brand FORMA added in the new summer collection, which combines juicy shades, a low fit, and decorative elements of the 2000s with their pithiness.

"The fashion mood of the Millenium is more relevant today than ever, but we wanted to show a very modern look at this rather kitsch and even ironic style," says FORMA. "That's why they combined it with simple lines, clear cut and flowing fabrics."

According to FORMA, this summer you can't do without light suits made of elastic pants and short shirts that barely cover the stomach; silk sets that compensate for the daring length of the mini with the rigor of flowy shirts, as well as dresses with a delicate satin shine. It was impossible to imagine any fashionable wardrobe without this material in zero years.

Another important detail of the collection is the handmade products, which refer us to traditional Ukrainian crafts. "Handmade work increases the value of each thing, makes it unique and meaningful," says FORMA. - And this is one of our key values - to make clothes and accessories that not only convey our mood in a certain period, but also over which seasonal trends have absolutely no power." In the new collection, such timeless values include handcrafted bags and mesh skirts with openwork weaving.