The new capsule collection of the Ukrainian brand FORMA is inspired by the 1970s - the first decade that gave women freedom of choice in their outfit. It was at this time that fashion finally began not to impose, but to offer. For the first time, several parallel trends could coexist together with each other, and every girl finally got the opportunity to choose what she really liked. Also, the seventies gave us the concept of "basic wardrobe", which even today makes our life so much easier.

These ideas of finding your own individuality and striving for comfort are close to our brand, which is why our new collection combines practical denim with soft knit, smooth silk with eco-leather. And from the knitwear popular in those years, we sewed tops, knee-highs and dresses below the knee.

The silhouettes also hark back to that time - flowy blouses, loose-fitting trousers, waistcoats, midi lengths and single-breasted jackets with round collars can be easily combined with each other to become that very fall base for every day. “It is important for us that the collection gives warmth and a feeling of calmness, so here we turned to hand-made embroidery and knitting, - says FORMA. - And the 1970s rock'n'roll mood was added with leather, denim and small cutouts, which have already become a very special element for our brand. "